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Affirmation And Circulation.

A ERC721 Trading Platform

As a platform and bridge linking the physical and digital world, HashFuture aims to solve the problem of digital assets property rights issues and cross-chain asset transfer. HashFuture develops a brand-new three-dimensional, one-stop, digital assets affirmation and circulation platform on blockchain, using the structure of "protocol layer—technical layer—application layer". Digital assets are turning out to be the best investment options currently. If you are investing in stocks, you need to make sure that you choose the right ones so that you can earn maximum profits. Visit


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The pain point of traditional property rights definition and asset circulation.

Asset Recognition

Current property rights system for tangible assets is confirmed through paper contracts. Such system fails to define digital assets, especially the “big data” generated by users. Individual rights and personal privacy in digital era cannot be fully respected and protected.

Asset Digitization

Risks of legitimation, taxation, accuracy and consistency problems occur when assets goes digitization. Besides, different types of assets require different approaches in order to be traded on the blockchain. Crypto traders may use ai trading tools to find the right trading opportunities. Making use of these opportunities will help traders to find better trades.

Asset Circulation

The current asset registration and asset circulation are mostly provided by service agencies or industry organizations. Nevertheless, the inefficient process, outdated network and software as well as the laggard system lead to risks and hidden dangers in asset registration and asset circulation.

Blockchain Advantages


Blockchain is open source and transparent. All users are able to know the operating rules of the system and to verify ledger contents as well as the authenticity and integrity of the ledger construction history. They can also make sure their data and history of asset exchange are reliable and not tampered. It shows that the traceability of the system has been enhanced and the risk has been reduced.


Blockchain utilizes distributed storage and computation. All exchanged data will be displayed on an e-spreadsheet platform similar to global sharing and cleared in real time. This makes the data more transparent and also increases the efficiency of exchange dramatically, thereby effectively reducing the cost and risk of asset exchange.


The original asset registration and exchange are always under the condition where long process, multiple steps and information asymmetry occur. Blockchain can simplify the exchange process, reduce the steps of asset information exchange among different investment agencies and save a lot of manpower, materials as well as time. This is important to increasing the liquidity of asset investment value.


Currently, the messy and inefficient asset management situation and in-transparency of information significantly increase the risk of asset management and exchange. Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network which is consist of many distributed nodes and computer servers. The whole operation will not be affected by the failure of any node and every node has stored the copy of blockchain data. The built-in smart contract of blockchain is the key point of the asset circulation business and has a extremely high reliability and fault tolerance.


The smart contract and automatic exchange may be accomplished on the blockchain by setting the data processing program since all files or asset information data are able to be presented in the form of code or ledger. For example, smart contract can include items such as option giving in a protocol and ensure the automatic implementation and reimbursement.


Currently, there is no consolidated specification of laws and regulations of blockchain industry in the world. HashFuture has been collaborating with legal advisors from different countries since the very start of the establishment. We are complying with the major international laws and regulations to the greatest extent and have accomplished the registration required by regulatory authorities in various countries.


HashFuture develops a brand new three-dimensional, one-stop, digital assets trading platform on blockchain, using the structure “protocol layer - technical layer - application layer.

Protocol Layer

On the protocol layer, we propose the "HashModel", a consensus protocol system on the basis of a thorough investigation of the laws and regulations, social culture and transaction practices in various countries.

Technical Layer

On the technical layer, we develop the "HashNode" network system to solve the problem of asset digitization and cross-chain circulation.

Application Layer

On the application layer, we build up the “HashWorld” application platform and user-friendly APIs to provide users with simple, trustworthy and secure products. Specifically, HashWorld contains 3 modules: Hash View, Hash Asset and Hash Wallet.


The HashFuture Foundation of Singapore is the main body of HashFuture token issuance.

It will carry out innovative token distribution plans on the premise of legal compliance.

HashFuture plans to issue HashCoin (HSC) in a total amount of 50 billion pieces.


Pre-sale to Private Equity and Exchange: 30%
(Lock-up Period for Private Equity: 1 year)
Founding Team: 20%
(Lock-up Period for Founding Team: 4 years)
HashFuture Foundation and Ecosystem: 50%
Ecosystem reward to users:10%
(unlock half per year, complete in 10 years)
Ecosystem reward to servers:10%
(unlock half per year, complete in 10 years)
Ecosystem reward to developers:10%
(unlock half per year, complete in 10 years)
Partnership, ecosystem and investment funds:20%
(invest by installment in 10 years)



Chief Advisor

Prof. ShouCheng Zhang

Professor at Stanford University
Member of the National Academy of Sciences(NAS)
Founding Partner of Danhua Capital

Contact Us

2 Venture Drive, #08-29 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526

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